First infrastructure company of Ukraine

About us

Infra – is a Ukrainian independent investment company. Our main specialisation –is direct investments in the infrastructure. We structure projects and agreements for our clients, partners, public stakeholders and our own benefits


We are interested in the projects that are executed under the conditions of Public-Private Partnership (PPP), concessions and project financing.


We predominantly focus on projects that apply PPP principles, concessions and project financing to railways, highways, airports, ports and other transport, energy, social, medical, telecommunication and, recreational infrastructural industries.



The main objective of INFRA is – operations in the infrastructure market. Our concern is to find investments in projects using PPP, concessions and project financing. The company is an independent player. INFRA carries out projects in the industries of railways, highways, airports, ports and other transport, energy, social, medical, telecommunication and recreational infrastructural industries. INFRA deals with the search, organisation, financing, launch of projects, the management of these projects both independently and together with the partners or third parties, namely – government or private companies. The activity of INFRA is divided into several big functional directions.


Organisation of agreements and projects

INFRA organises projects and agreements from the outset thereof until the moment of actual investing. It also includes all necessary organisational and agreed procedures. INFRA carries out projects partly or, in most cases, until the very end. The company sets out the projects and agreements in the interest of public stakeholders, private investors and our own benefit. For the sake of the company, clients and partners, INFRA does the promotion of the projects on the market and in the public sector, doing financing and commercial marketing and PR of the projects which includes IR and GR.


Consultation about investments

INFRA provides the services of advising for an internal customer, including depended companies, and an external one – private and public. The company is also responsible for the strategic, infrastructural consulting, development and implementation of infrastructural PPP strategies of the company. According to the investment consulting, the operations on mergers and absorption in the infrastructure market, restructuring of infrastructure assets and individual projects are also executed. The objective of keeping on running and developing private companies is to be attained. If the public or private side requires solely the qualified realisation of the project, it can be thus done in terms of consultation objectives or on a turn-key basics until the very end.


Financing of projects

INFRA organises and provides funding for infrastructural projects. The priority is given to the specific project financing through the structuring of the loan, bond, government and other types of capital.

Furthermore, the projects of forming pools, syndicates of financial investors as well as distributing the projects among the private clients are also executed. Lately, there has been an upsurge in the market demands for agreements, which are based on non-trivial, mixed ways of fund raising and source structuring. Also, the organisation of the LBO, MBO projects in the infrastructure industry are also performed.


Management of projects and agreements

INFRA undertakes a considerable number of operations which deal with controlling of investment projects, infrastructural assets, if an internal customer requires it. Company controls the efficiency of operations and strategic development of its and external assets. It also includes the tasks of developing the company in which the investments were spread. INFRA is in charge of the operational and strategic administration and activity of aggregate interprises, created with different clients in their areas of interest.


Analytics and assistance of market development

The company has the developed analytical department. INFRA conducts researches and analyses in the infrastructural industries in interests of market, government and private companies. The company is also the biggest provider of thorough, relevant, practical and up-to-date information in the industry.


The role in projects

Setting up projects, INFRA performs the following roles:

The Co-op investor of infrastructural projects, the organiser of investors pool;

Investment agent who carries out projects on a turn-key basics and takes risks, including financial ones;

Executive of infrastructural projects and assets;

Investment advisor and consultant of government or private side;

Organiser and provider of investment agreements.

Under certain circumstances INFRA performs other functions. It varies from general controlling of preparation and development of project to the implementation of certain parts of a task. Projects are carried out in interest of public and private side who represent different parts of business e.g. operators, builders, providers, exploiter and also our own benefit.

INFRA is focused on constant search and analysis of investment opportunities in vast range of infrastructural and quasi-infrastructural projects, for example, energy-, transport-, social-, medical- or recreational related projects.


Our way of carrying out the project



Adjustment and approval

The signing of a contract